The Soaring Heart

The thought of likening the heart to an eagle is due to the many abilities and qualities of the heart.

The heart as we know remains the seat/center of of all activities; the issues of life flow out of it (Proverbs 4:23).

As the eagle is called the king of the birds, so the heart is called the king of the organs.

The eagle as the king of the birds possess some qualities or attitudes that differentiate it from any other bird.

We as humans must have come to that point of building our hearts, moulding it to a distinguishable point in order to exercise that sovereignty over the body. The heart must have been passed through a series of training at the time.

– Eagles do not flock with other small birds

Implication: The heart shouldn’t mix with every thought that flies into it.

– Eagles never surrender even if their prey is much larger than them. They are fearless.

Implication: We should never give up irrespective of how large our dreams or challenges may be.

– An eagle has a sturdy vision, can see its prey from a long distance. It possesses shrill focus.

Implication:  We should possess a very firm and unshaken sight into the future. We should have the vision to reach our dreams.

– An eagle could fly to an altitude of 10,000 feet but is able to swiftly land on the ground.

Implication: This shows humility. Being humble is like an eagle that even though we reach the top of our desires, we still possess the attitude of not forgetting where we came from and. 

– An eagle escapes from the rain but loves the storm.

Implication: Just like the eagle, we should not be afraid of the storms in our lives but take advantage of the storm to save some energy. Be tenacious. It escapes the rain by flying above the clouds, so we should escape troubles.

– The female eagle uses twigs to test the male eagle.

Implication: Try every spirit, check the loyalty of those around before committing into their hands anything serious.

– An eagle is not a scavenger.

Implication: Be with people who are like-minded and not those who drag you below where you stand.

– Eagles possess vitality. Though full of life and visionary yet they find time to look back at their lives and re-energize themselves.

Implication: The heart must be trained to always take out time to look back and take stock of one’s life.

– Eagles nurture their young ones and that includes teaching them how to fly.

Implication: Be apt to teach, willing to help some young minds grow.

With these the eagle soars above all other birds.

Is your heart soaring like the eagle?

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