The Secret You Never Knew

I’ve always heard from married people ‘never enter marriage with expectations else you will be disappointed.’ They say it and end it there without going further on what to do.

Years before I got married, I decided to focus on myself. I focused on myself concentrating on spiritual, character, academic growth and home-making. My tools were the bible, prayers, good books (not fictional or motivational books, but books on godliness, godly marriage and femininity not feminist).

I yielded my flaw-full self to God and I still do in my worm state and I was so intentional about my growth in the hands of my Creator.

Never be one-sided about self-development. When you’re intentional you get results.

The world is changing no doubt but the Word of God remains the same forever. The Bible states that it’s only a wise woman that builds her house – Proverbs 14:1.

The question that should follow next is, “Build the house into what”?
She builds the house to a home. A habitable place.

To build requires sacrifice. It requires your time, money and intellect. It requires diligence and discipline. It requires faith and hard-work. It requires patience and good spirit. It requires selflessness.

While building the concrete definitely will splash on you. Will you leave your building because you’re stained? A proud woman cannot build because she lacks the materials which includes wisdom and humility.

I focused more on myself and God not on my spouse. My expectation is to be a better version today than I was yesterday. My expectation on God, is keep us in peace, love,understanding and to lavish us with His goodness and mercy.

I noticed my husband amazes me by the day. He’s a beautiful gift that I appreciate God for as I unwrap him each day. As I focus on building the house into a home, his focus is on maintaining the home by watering it.

I expect the Lord to work in his life and provide all the resources he needs to be a husband, father and most importantly a child of His.

Focus to be a better human and spouse then watch your better half amaze you!!!

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