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Can you imagine a life of offences and anger without forgiveness? This world would have been more messed up than it is right now. Humans would have been living beasts because the imagination of evil towards the offender would have been realised.

Unforgiveness has destroyed relationships between couples, siblings, friends, business partners, etc. It has also hampered the working relationship between God and man. When you choose not to forgive, you leave God with no option but to ignore you at your cry for mercy(Matthew 6:14-15). And that leads to a failed relationship between God and you.

People say it is easier to preach about forgiveness than the practice itself. The truth is that it is even easier to practice forgiveness than unforgiveness. Unforgiveness towards your spouse, child, sibling, parents, friend, or even a stranger requires more mental and physical energy.

Unforgiveness can lead to a peace-less life, hatred, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and physical and spiritual death. It has ruined people’s lives, and it will waste yours too. It is satanic.

Unforgiveness messes with a man’s life and leaves him at the mercy of himself rather than God’s mercy.

Imagine Jesus Christ refusing to forgive us when we err. He ignored all, and He is still in the business of forgiving men. 

You don’t deserve forgiveness from God if you can’t forgive men.

You can let go of that pain and choose to be healed from every cut and hurt. All you need do is:

?Realise how unfair and wicked you have been towards the offender and yourself.

?Plead to God for mercy because you have sinned.

?You need healing of the mind. Ask for healing from God. Keep asking every day until you get it. Don’t be tired.

?Confess your forgiveness to the ears of God.

?Always pray for the good of whosoever has offended you. There is power in that.

Don’t deny yourself peace of mind because of someone else’s misbehaviour.

Don’t suffer health hazards because of a hurt you can accept or decline.

Don’t ruin your relationship with God because of a man that today is and tomorrow is no more.

There’s a saying, “when you hold someone to the ground, you are equally holding yourself.”

Even if it looks like you are progressing, you cannot advance when you glue unforgiveness to your life.

Forgiveness is a commandment, but it can be a choice if you consider it to be—Luke 6:37b.

Benefits of Forgiveness:

?Forgiveness leads to elevation both physically and spiritually. 

?It glues God’s mercy to you at all times.

?Your relationship with your family, friends, and mainly with God is improved.

?Forgiveness frees you from mental stress and negative emotions that can lead to depression.

?Forgiveness gives soundness of mind and favourable ideas.

?Forgiveness makes you more reasonable and helps you live a careful life. You will be more cautious in your words and actions because you have learned from the past.

?Forgiveness gives peace and joy.

That you forgive today doesn’t mean you won’t forgive tomorrow. You probably need to forgive more than once because offences are bound to reoccur, and sometimes, the hurt from the past may revisit you in waves that come and go. But the constant practice of forgiveness becomes a lifestyle for anyone.

Are you struggling with unforgiveness because the deep cut has left you hurt with a scar? Ask Jesus to help you. Keep asking for His help until you experience peace, joy, and the power to forgive. 

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