The Necessity Of Faith.

There is this story of a little boy who fell off his bed while sleeping, and when his mother asked him what happened, he replied; ‘I don’t know, I guess I slept too close to where I got in.’ The explanation of this story is that while sleeping he moved closer to the edge of the bed from where he got into bed. He didn’t go closer to the other edge that is against the wall. This is the reason he fell off.

This is what faith can be likened to.

The day you believed in God, you may have had majorly background knowledge of Him and at your stage then, it would seem enough to keep you going.

But as you go on in your journey, you meet things that will question what you know about God, and if what you know at that time is still the initial knowledge you have about Him, be sure that you are about to fall off that bed you entered.
This would mean that you are stagnant in the faith.

Our walk with God requires that we grow more each day in order to be more secure.

For every challenge you meet, you will require a whole new level of information about who God is in that situation, what He is capable of and what He expects from you at that point in time.

Little wonder did the songwriter who wrote ‘Oh Jesus I have promised’ write ; ‘Oh speak to reassure me to hasten or control.’ Growing in your faith in God is how you know what He expects from you at any given time.

There will come a time when everything you think you know about God will be tried and your heart and friends will fail you. Those times must surely come and at that time, if you are any closer to where your faith began, you are very vulnerable to the enemy.

The devil becomes very aware of you the moment you undertake to follow Christ, and he will stop at nothing to bring you down. He is on the lookout for any weak point in your life, any loophole to expand and come into your life.

So if we must journey to glory, we must not be stagnant in our Christian faith. Rather we must take advantage of the word of God and that we do by studying the word and meditating on it day and night (Joshua 1vs 8) and being sensitive to the Spirit of God in you. Constant communication with the Father draws you closer to Him where there is safety(psalm 91).

Remember that you are only safe in your Christian race if you are growing in faith, there is no safety in stagnancy.

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