The Gap In The Wall

Dear Teen,
Is this the life you think you are supposed to live?
Are you supposed to move forward or run around in circles at that very point where you began?
You try so hard to live as you should but you find yourself falling and starting from the beginning. And no matter how hard you look, you can’t seem to find the reason why it is so.
But there is a reason why it is so.
It is the gap in the wall.
You see, a city with intact wall is a secure place, they determine what goes in and what goes out. They determine who stays and who goes. The determine how long what stays and evict it when it is time.
You do not mess with a city whose walls are intact.
Even as the wrong person, you cant find refuge in it, because there is no place to hide.
And so intruders are easily identified in a fortified city.

But break down the walls of that city and all manner of people and things will have entrance, and everything becomes diluted as a result intermingling.
You do not know who is good and who is not and as a result, you would not be able to set any rules or boundaries. The enemy gets to live within and cause more havoc than you can ever know
And you will keep running around in circles.. sounds familiar? Now we are back to the beginning and now you know why.
There is a remedy and it is very simple to identify. REBUILD THOSE WALLS
The walls can be your relationship with God, the wise people whose counsels you used, to take, the boundaries you used to set for yourself or that were set by your parents. You have to get it standing back strong.

And may I warn you, it will be a tough process because when the enemy sees it, he knows what it means and will do every single thing to make sure those walls aren’t rebuilt.
But that’s an indicator for you to build stronger and with desperation. So when that change is the most difficult to make, push harder because that actually when the change is being made.
Refer to Nehemiah 4:6-10.

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