The Frequency of the Blessed

Blessed is the man…..
Blessed are the….
Blessed is the man who……
And so on.
Do you see what I see?
Blessing from God has already been programmed, perhaps alongside with creation. This is to say that blessings should ordinarily be effortless. It is meant to be a part of life, just like the air is effortless taken in and out as it is a part of life. We should always have access to the blessings of God for our use at will.
So why do we struggle to be blessed? Why do we takes special time to pray for blessings, which should have been our effortless heritage?
Why do you need a special pastor to pray down blessings for us?

You see, blessing is programmed already but to operate at a certain frequency.
What frequency you ask? Let’s go back to the beginning of this text; (Matthew 5, Psalms 1, etc). Are you the man, or among the people mentioned in the texts above?
For us to enjoy the free blessings of God, we must tune into the frequency of the blessed. Those who love God unconditionally, and are careful to obey his delicately carved path of truth. Many love God just for what they can get from Him.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to it. Matthew 6:33. This is because He knows that these blessings exist in His kingdom, and anywhere His kingdom goes, so do these blessings too.
Let us tune into the frequency of the blessed by making God a priority in our lives. God always guard the place where He is king.

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