The Dipped Bread

Form the account of him who knew very well, the heart of Jesus; John the beloved.

John 13:13-38.

Satan was the one who should betray Jesus. He just needed a vessel.

It actually didn’t have to be Iscariot Judas. It just needed to be someone who ate from the plate of Jesus, someone who knew Him enough to identify Him even in the dark. Someone who He handpicked by Himself. One of the chosen 12. Jesus was to give the dipped bread to the person who qualified as that vessel(verse 26)

Why Iscariot Judas?

Let’s go back to before his selection. Chapter 1:1-12

All the disciples while following Him got baptized into His life, they got their hearts purified, except JUDAS obviously. They closed every door they had opened to Satan, except JUDAS of course. Jesus saw that tendency and talked to him. Jesus was working with time. So at the time, He washed their feet, it was expected that the rest of their body was already glittering already in the spirit realm, except of course Iscariot Judas. Jesus saw that(Verse 11).  In fact, the devil was already waiting at the door that JUDAS left open (verse 2.).  He made a final effort to speak to Judas, (verse12-20)

It made Jesus very sad. He was so sad he cried out because He knew the time to release Iscariot Judas had come, change of ownership was about to begin. He couldn’t hide it from the rest and he cried out to them that someone was going to betray Him(Verses 21).  Iscariot Judas must have been hearing the whisperer talking about betraying his master, he must have known that it was him the master was talking about. But the door had been unhinged already. Even Jesus knew He had to stop trying to convince him to change. The devil was already waiting to possess his vessel.

The final action was to dip the bread and signal the devil to take over, and he did, verse 27.  So you see, it was now the devil Jesus told: “what you must do, do quickly”. Iscariot Judas was already chained. When next he recovered himself (probably after the devil had left him), he killed himself out of guilt.

It wasn’t all about JUDAS, it was about the one who would betray Jesus, had John the beloved done the same, he would have been given the dipped bread. If it was YOU, you would have received the dipped bread. We don’t have to be the next set of people to receive the bread of condemnation.

Father Lord, Help me to identify anything that could be the cause of my downfall, both spiritually and otherwise and eliminate them. Help me to close any door that opens up to opportunities for the devil, so that I will be open to You. Amen!

?? My hope to follow duly is in thy strength alone ??

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