The Danger Of Loneliness.

I was having an interesting conversation with my husband, and during the discussion, I said to him, ‘the devil is very stupid.’ Immediately he replied, ‘he’s not stupid but wise.’ And he gave valid points.

A few days later, during our morning time with the Lord, we read the book of Genesis from chapters 1 to 3. While reading, I discovered the truth that the devil isn’t stupid as some people think, but he’s wise(subtil).

Did you notice how strategic and tactical the devil deceived Eve? He studied Adam and Eve’s environment and knew his daily activities. He knew the perfect time to strike with this information he had gathered.

Most Christians don’t study themselves, their environment, and their activities. They don’t know their identity. They’re ignorant of this that life is a battle. So they live carelessly.

Notice again how the devil came to subtly pluck them out of the garden (presence of God). He’s been using that same strategy on God’s children to date. The devil even used the same method on Jesus.

He strikes when you’re lonely. That’s one of his powerful strategies.

He was actively present in the lonely moments of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ after His 40 days of fasting.

He came when Eve was alone and had a conversation with her that swept her off her feet.

He came to king David and swept him into adultery, leading to murder when he was alone instead of on the battlefront.

Your lonely moments can be in a time of anxiety, pain, joy, relaxation, celebration, distress, or when you are alone without company. During any such moment, be watchful.

The only thing that could keep Jesus from falling into the devil’s trap was the Word in His heart and mouth.

Your profile doesn’t scare the devil. What resists and scares him is the Word because he was made by This Word and becomes nothing by This same Word – THE WORD OF GOD.

Many have fallen into temptation through their eyes, thoughts, and companionship because of loneliness, while others are into depression, lies, fornication, masturbation, and adultery. Once one yields to one temptation presented by the devil, it gives birth to other sins.

Some didn’t just fail because they lacked company. They fell for the devil’s trick because they looked at the temptation twice instead of rebuking and resisting the temptation once with the Word of God and action.

Getting enriched and stuffed with the Word of God is the only way out.

Nothing can ever replace the Word of God.

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