The Comfortable Bed of Destruction

When you make excuses, let me tell you what you have done – You made a sanctuary, a very sweet and secure sanctuary. A sanctuary that none can save you from. Where no one has access to, except you. As a result of that, you can do anything and get away free because you are both the judge and executor of judgement.

You can easily let yourself go free. At this time, your sanctuary is your greatest damnation. It is the most dangerous place you can be. It is the place that slowly and subtly, but surely will bring your downfall in the near future. It doesn’t release you until it’s too late. By the time you decide against it, the world has moved on, leaving you at that very spot where you began to give excuses.

The worst part is that you will hate yourself but will still be unable to stop giving those excuses because they will be your only means of escape. Escape into phantom, but never from reality, especially the reality you created as a result of your search for comfort.

So I guess you can say that excuse is the comfortable bed of destruction.

Imagine when you are sentenced to death for comfort, that is what you do when you always try to excuse your faults and mistakes instead of addressing them. Worst of all, it’s a slow and painful death, in the guise of comfort and safety. 

So next time you want to give an excuse for something you need to admit and remedy, think of the greater and later consequence and decide for yourself whether you want to go down that path.

Excuse making could be dangerous.

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