Talent Discovery

Have you ever been asked this question, “what’s your gift(s) or what are you good at?”

Did you answer that question assuredly comfortably without stammering or mincing words, or were you silent as the graveyard?

Congratulations if you know your talent(s), and if you have no clue what exactly is/are your talent(s), you can still discover yours. 

We must know that Ability and Talent are different. Your ability is not your talent.

Ability is the technical skill required to perform specific tasks, developed from theory and practice.

Talent is the abilities that we are born with, which lead to a satisfactory performance both in learning and in the execution of skills.

Some people spend their life learning someone else’s talent until they perfect it. They forget that that is the definition of living a photocopy life and leaving the original. We find this more in our generation. Everyone is delving into being a public speaker. 

Imagine a world where everyone is a public speaker, who will be a creative artist, or a poet, or a writer, etc. 

There are beautiful talents, and God has implanted these talents in humans. 

You can build yourself by acquiring skills that are not your talent, but in building yourself, endeavour to trade with your talent embedded in you by God. 

The points outlined will take you to the route of talent discovery. 


If you desire growth for life fulfilment, you must be ready to embrace change. 

The road to talent discovery is first called change because you might have to make major life-changing decisions after discovering your talent(s). It may not be convenient or pleasant initially, but eventually, your sacrifices will pay off.

Be sensitive to the areas you have to embrace this change, and as you catch a glimpse, please, go for this change(s) without delay. 

This change(s) may include letting go of habits and mindset, the willingness to learn new things, sieving your associations, or even changing your environment.

One of the things constant in life is change. So embrace it when the need arises.


Some people have been so privileged to have known their talents relatively young in age, thanks to their family who discovered them and immediately put them to use. 

Nobody knows your strength, weakness, likes, and dislikes at your tender age as a child, like your family. There are things and habits that we pick up as kids and try to be good at these. Maybe we were good at it, but we tended to forget such things as we grew up. 

If you still have your family, you can ask questions about what you loved doing most as a child. 


If you are eager to discover your talent(s), then you must be ready for exposure.

Expose yourself to great thinkers, good books, positive relationships, positive people, educative groups, spiritually healthy people, and most importantly, expose yourself to talented people.


Yes! Pray! Pray! Pray!

Some people feel uncomfortable hearing the word ‘pray’ because they feel or think we take this prayer too much.

Recently, someone said to me, ‘prayer is not everything,’ I immediately clapped back, saying, ‘prayer is everything.’

What is Prayer? Prayer is a practice of communicating with God. In prayer, we worship God, make our requests known, ask Him questions, lavish our love, and get to know Him more, and in return, He also communicates His mind and will to us.

The next follow-up question is, why do we pray or need to pray?

The Almightiness of God is too deep and incomprehensible. He is immortal, invisible, and the only wise God who cannot be compared with any diety. He is unequalled, infinite, and all-powerful. He is not a god but The God who is the Creator of all things. Most importantly, He’s the One who made you, so, He knows your talents because He fixed them there Himself.

With the above intro and summary about prayer and God, why should communication with God be sidelined?

There are ways God can choose to answer your prayers regarding your talent discovery. He can tell you by opening your eyes to the talent(s) you have by using someone or through impressions or dreams.

He can also choose to bring experiences your way that will launch you into your talent exploration. 

It’s a joy to know your God-given talent, and it is satisfying when you are trading with them. 

Your talent(s) is your identity. Without knowing your talent (identity), you will exist and not live. Burying your talents equals burying your identity.

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