She’s an Observer

There were many daughters in the land but He chose her.
There were many virgins in the land but He chose her.
There were singles but He chose one who has been betrothed to a man.

Through her, God’s most precious asset became flesh for you and me. She was a teenager yet knew the Lord, devoted to Him and was loyal to His will even when it seemed to cost her image. She was ready to give in for the sake of Gods’.

The wedding at Cana is a perfect example of a mother who has observed and knew what her son is capable of. Mary, Jesus and His disciples were invited to a wedding, and at a point they ran out of wine.
Imagine the shame and embarrassment. I’m sure the couple would have been so embarrassed and also confused about what to do.

The Mother of Jesus wasn’t bothered a bit. She felt relaxed because she knew who was with her. She simply went to Jesus to inform Him of the situation. Jesus replied “woman, what have I to do with thee seeing my hour is not yet come?”
She left speaking with Him on the matter and did what she should as a mother.
The scriptures of truth tells what Mary did next. She immediately turned to the servants at the wedding and said to them “whatsoever he saith unto you do it” John 2.

Mary has been observing Jesus all these years and never belittled him. She was a silent observer who knew what was in her son. Jesus first miracle was at the wedding at Cana. This push was done by his mother Mary.

Don’t say Mary knew Jesus was a special child and also the Son of God and so she gave the respect and regard he deserved.
What will you say a about Jocabed, Mary the mother of James and John and their likes.

Jocabed was the mother to Moses, Miriam and Aaron. She was a brave woman who defied the decree of Pharaoh to save her child Moses. From birth she has observed he was a proper child. She saw something great in him.

What about Mary the mother of James and John. She had built in them leadership skills and so gave them her support in their ministry with Jesus. Mary often followed Jesus and her sons to their events.

That child/children you have are from the Lord and there is something good in them only you can see. Discover them, cherish them, help them develop where necessary and most importantly always pray for your children.

The only way you can discover that wonderful gift, skill, blessing in your child is by Observation.

A gracious woman is one who observes her children then helps them discover themselves.

There is something good about your child /children only you can see now. Discover it.

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