Secure That Word

Your spirit, soul, body and even your words can be manipulated as well but you cannot manipulate the Word of God.

Margret was a sister you could count on anytime. She’s one who fears and loves God and gifted in carrying other people’s burden irrespective of their race, tribe, age etc. Her trademark was love.

Just like most ladies, Margaret was clocking her late 20’s and the drive to have a man of her own was increasing. This young man happens to be a friend of hers and one she was already developing feelings for. He was also interested in her and made his intentions known to Margaret.

You should know that Margaret would be so excited just like any other lady in her shoes. One of the days she was feeling to have a retreat with God which she did. During the program she had a revelation about her marriage to the young man. The revelation was pointing to danger and need to withdraw.

At this point she was confused. She shared the revelation with her Pastor and two other persons she trusted. However, these three persons told her that revelation cannot be from God. They all attested that the brother in question was a child of God with wonderful character. Few months later Margaret was married to this young man.

Guess what? After the wedding that same day as they got home. The ‘born again’ brother immediately turned to Margaret and told her two dreadful information that could cause her to slump. Richard told Margaret that she should never pray in the house because it is prohibited and secondly, he will never touch her to lay with her.

Margaret couldn’t believe her eyes. Marriage was horrible all through her stay until she left the marriage. Till today Margaret regrets not harkening to the revelation.

You can only be tossed about if the Word of God isn’t secured in you.

Know God for yourself and secure His Word in you. When His Word is secured in you, you can never be manipulated.

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