Review Your Goals.

Organisations review their company’s target from time to time. This helps them to know their strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities utilised and lost and also the threat they faced.
With these reviews, it enables them to re-strategize for a successful and progressive outcome.

Just as a group of individuals who are running a business/organisation take stock, individuals also should take stock more often.

It’s almost the end of the year and it’s normal to be excited about it. Being alive, healthy, having your basic needs met, and seeing the end of the year is a thing of celebration.

But wait! Are you forgetting something?
I’ll remind you.

You made a new year’s resolution at the beginning of the year.
For some right now, they are counting and rejoicing in the strides they achieved.
While for others it’s a regretful year because of missed opportunities, procrastinating and indiscipline.

Think about what made you unsuccessful in your plans.
If circumstances beyond your control hindered you from achieving your year goals please, try again.
If it was the company you kept, and bad habits you engaged in, cut them off.
If it was your negative words and actions then change.

Have you failed this year?
Have you experienced or are experiencing loss in business and life right now?
Have you been depressed because of your spiritual state?
Never lose faith in God and in yourself.

It’s okay if you have failed in achieving goals this year but it’s not okay if you’re relaxed about that failure.

Get up!
Get dressed!
Get ready!
Get on the move!

Set your goals once again.
Write them down.
Give yourself a weekly or monthly target.
Be responsible.
Act responsibly.
Pray often.
Trust God always.

You can still achieve whatever you want to.

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