She saw the judgement that was coming and she started thinking ahead of time for herself and her family.


They have heard all about the nation that was drawing dangerously close, too close for comfort. They heard so much about those people’s God, whether true or not, rumors were spreading fast.

To some, it was just one of those merchants stories. A God who divided the Red sea? No way!!

Well, whatever be the case, Jericho has the strongest walls ever known to man. All they needed to do was to stay inside the city and no one could harm them.

Suddenly one evening, the atmosphere in the city changed, patrol officers moved fervently, a mixture of fear and desperation on their faces. The city started restocking their armory, they ordered more guns and army tanks, more people were being deployed to the barracks to train. Immigration protocols became tight. There were officers coming into people’s homes searching frantically for two men. It suddenly dawned on them that the news was true.


She meets different kinds of men(occupational hazard), the big talkers, the men of few words, military men, king’s stewards, merchants and travelers; she knew almost all the men of Jericho.

There were talks of the Red sea and a particular group of people who cleared almost any nation that stood in their way. Some of those merchants are now scared of making their next trip because they might be killed. Worst of all, those people are just across the Jordan River.

She has also heard the military speak on how the palace is in turmoil. They are checking the city walls for any weaknesses and making amendments where necessary. Everyone was saying the same thing and it was becoming more intense.

Soon her customers became less and less because most of the young men had enlisted in the military and had gone to the barracks.

Rahab knew something was coming fast!!!

Have you ever stopped to put yourself in Rahab’s shoes to know what made her act the way she did.?

We are going to continue this story tomorrow but I would like to hear your thoughts as forward thinking people who have seen an impending doom.

Be the Rahab until we meet again. Keep it coming in the comment section. Love you!!!

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