Psalm 15 (Introduction)

It is God’s desire for us to abide and dwell in His presence. Good enough He gave the secret on how to abide and dwell in His tabernacle through the inspiration He gave unto a man, King David who was so dear to His(God) heart.

Every country has what it takes before a foreigner can obtain a visa to enter their country. So also it is with the presence of God.

There are prerequisites before one’s visa is guaranteed.

Getting a visa entry into God’s presence does not require any fee or incur any cost. The embassy to God’s presence is everywhere. You don’t need to travel. It’s open 24 hours daily.

Getting a visa for entry is one thing and remaining in that county is another.

When you get into a country, there are rules and regulations that guarantee your stay. In the same way, there are rules and regulations that guarantee our constant stay in God’s presence.

I call the book of Psalm 15, The Secret To Heavenly Citizenship.

What does it mean to Abide?

In a layman’s terms, to abide simply means to remain stable or fixed in a state or to continue in a place.

What does it mean to Dwell?

To dwell means to live as a resident or simply put to reside.

Psalm 15, began with a question and all thanks to Yahweh, the question was followed with a refreshing answer.

It is important to note that there’s a difference between one who visits a place and another who dwells.

It could have been that God had a lot of children but only a few reside with Him. The rest visit and may have wondered why they have different results following the Lord.

Are we worthy to abide and Dwell in the Tabernacle?

The only one worthy to abide and dwell in the tabernacle is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are not worthy but through His blood we get admitted to dwell with the worthy Lamb of God.

No man can walk into the Tabernacle except through Jesus. Just as the scriptures of truth gave us a hint that He(Jesus), is the way, the truth and life. John 14:6

The book of Psalm 15, will be simplified and exposed to you through the help of the Holy Spirit.

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