Prophecies Or Coincidences?

Have you ever wondered why all the happenings that surrounded Jesus beginning from the location of his birth to his death had all been spoken about by the prophets even before he was born?
(Matthew 2:5, 17-18, 23)

Don’t be quick to say “because he was Christ”.
Jesus simply lived out all that had been written in the volume of book concerning him (Hebrews 10:7).

Isaac was a seed of prophecy and had prophecies that went out before he was born. He lived out prophecies accordingly.
Jacob wasn’t an exception as well as John the Baptist. From the birth of John, everything he did was in accordance with the prophecies that went on before his birth.

The mother of Jesus when she saw him asking doctors questions in the temple knew that it was a life of prophecy and so didn’t bother.

Dear parents,
The life your child (ren) is/are living now, are they mere coincidences or are they after the words of prophecy?
You must first align with God, make a commitment with him and then show the children the way of fulfillment of every prophecy.

Dear Teen,
The life you are living now, is it according to the path of prophecy which your parents exposed you to?
The course you are pursuing, will it lead you to the path of destiny?
Remember that a life outside that of prophecy is not guaranteed.

Prophecy grants you assurance on your tomorrow and what it holds, but coincidences are made out of chance happenings; they aren’t guaranteed.

In a life of prophecy, there is satisfaction. But sorrow and regrets are the coverings for coincidences.

You can start all over! You can begin to live out every single word spoken concerning you.

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