God is the father of originality (Rom 4:17)
He hasn’t run out of ideas of what He can do with and for you.
Do not teach yourself to think that the only picture there is, is the picture you see on another person.
That it looks good on them doesn’t mean it would look good on you, no matter how similar you both look.
Your picture looks good on you alone because God created it having you in mind. So the way another ‘s look good on him/her is the way yours looks good on you.

Now that could be why God is holding you back from taking that step you are pondering on in your mind right now.he might be holding you back because;
He hates imitation.
He knows it is not about you but Him alone.
His plans and your plans are going to clash

Do not resist when He is holding you back because, if you knew what He sees for you, you will willingly give in and let Him take the lead.

The next time you think of becoming an imitation of another person, remember that your originality lies wasted and untapped.

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