No Prayer, No Praise but Pain

Prayer is the vehicle through which man communicates with God. 

Communication is an interaction between two or more people. Communication is not one-sided.

I’ve always known prayer to be a link where I communicate my thoughts, desires, pain etc to God. I simply tell God what I’ve come to inform Him and after that I end it with “in Jesus Name” and rise up to move ahead with life.

Few years ago, through the help of the Holy Spirit, I was taught what prayer actually is.

I had thought I was done praying as usual, so I rounded up my prayers but immediately, I heard the voice of God say to me “relax and listen to Me too.” I was calm and He conveyed His message to me.

Wow! I learnt what prayer was and is all about. I’m ever grateful to God for that. I noticed that whenever I listen to God communicate to me too, my day is exceptionally different.

Prayer is communication between you and God where you convey all your heart to Him and He in turn tells you His mind. It’s a two-way affair.

The earlier in life, as a teenager, you start having a relationship with God where you both communicate, the better for you.

The future is not certain but when we communicate with God and He with us, we become certain about the future.

I’ve often heard this “the prayer you pray today keeps you tomorrow.” I can’t agree any less because I’ve experienced it and still experiencing it. I’m forever grateful to God I spent my early life communicating with Him.

No christian can ever live without prayer because that’s his life line.

Through prayer:

  •  We confess our sins and flaws to God.
  • We hallow His name.
  • We thank Him.
  • We make our requests known to Him.
  • He tells us His mind and plans.

When we pray to God today, we will praise Him tomorrow.

No prayer, no praise but pain.

You’re not too young to start a relationship with God.

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