Against All Odds.

We are often told that nothing good comes easy. This saying has been proven true because sometimes, inevitable pains are needed for a breakthrough and most times for growth.

There is no shortcut to getting valuable treasures.

Learn to turn your sorrow into fuel rather than acid.

The story of Hannah echoes what many women have gone through or are going through in today’s world. It can also be a mirror that shows you where you got it wrong. 

We are going to see where many fail and how Hannah overcame such.


It is no news that Hannah’s co-wife Peninnah was a thorn in her flesh. Her constant taunting was enough to cause her a psychotic breakdown. Peninnah’s taunting was so persistent that she ensured it was consistent in Hannah’s memory. She never gave her a break but was intentional about making her remember her predicament. Hannah was undoubtedly affected because her countenance dropped terribly and depression set in. But how did she handle it? 

Hannah did not allow the whole situation to invalidate her. She did not stop going for the yearly sacrifice, nor did it stop her from functioning. Many nowadays become invalid when opposition arises. They stop going to church and stop reading the Bible. They fall into the slippery pit of self-pity and keep allowing the hostility thrown at them to destroy them further.


When her husband saw her sorrow, he tried to console her. He tried to shift her attention and comfort her without paying attention to her need to have a child of her own. Inevitably, he wanted her to be okay with her barrenness.

Many today give up on their search when offered something different in the name of care. They lean back and find comfort in the lesser offer instead of being steadfast in their pursuit. Hannah didn’t stop at her husband’s comforting arm, which led to her victory.


If there is anyone who should understand all forms of communication with God, it is the Priest of God. If there is anyone who should understand the soulful needs of humans, it is the Priest of God. Anytime a person steps into the house of God, a Priest should act as a beacon in support of them before God. But what happens when such an important personality starts speaking negatively? It is as devastating to be so alone that absolutely no one understands you, not the rival, not the husband, not even the priest. The loneliness and disappointment are as devastating as the childlessness. 

Eli was supposed to be a beacon of Hope in Hannah as she made her request to God.

Many will use the response of their spiritual leaders to question their Priestly calling, forgetting that these men are also humans and can misunderstand. They expect them to know all and have all answers, and when their expectations are not met, they write off their spiritual leader(s), thereby blocking their blessings.

When challenges persist in our lives, knowing the right thing to do and having the ability to do them goes a long way to help us overcome them. 

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