Job’s Wife

Let’s take a stroll to the book of Job 1 and 2. We see an introduction about a rich and upright man whom God was so proud of and made a boast to Satan. After a brief conversation between God and Satan, Job’s life began to experience turmoil.

Everything Job ever had came crumbling down. His children, all died in a day, businesses were wrecked and his health deteriorated so badly, he had to sit on dust to scrape himself. The only person Job had was his wife.

Job 2 vs 9 “then said his wife unto him, dost thou still retain thine integrity? Curse God, and die”

That was the first and last time the Bible made mention of Job’s wife.

The only family human comfort Job had was his wife, but she displayed her irrelevance. She acted like a foolish woman and became irrelevant.

God did not promise us a life free from challenges but He promised to be there and bring us out safely.

Your disposition and action in the midst of challenge(s) faced by your spouse can place you higher or displace you from your rightful position before God and from your home.

After creation, God thought it wise to create a helper for man and that creature is a woman.

Every woman is endowed with the ability and capability to help. A man’s adequate help comes directly from his woman who is created by God to be his suitable helper.

And the woman’s source of help is from the top most Helper (The Holy Spirit).

When a woman stops helping, she starts hollering, halting and finally helling, which leads to hellish situations on earth, and then to hell eventually.

When a woman cannot connect to the source of her help, the power flow is cut off leaving the man and the home and the children stranded at the most critical times of their lives.

Job’s wife was not a helper, she was a virus, a parasite, an enemy of progress, a wicked woman, an agent of death, an agent of destiny disruption and destruction,  a woman of no consequence, a materialistic woman, a woman that preferred her husband dead. She was a disloyal woman to her husband and God.

Don’t be like Job’s wife!!!!

You can help with your love, care, understanding, encouragement, counsel, sacrifice, time and prayer.

Oh woman! You have no idea the helping well wired in you by God.

Every woman has what it takes to help. Being a woman makes you special but it’s in your hand to be relevant

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