Identify Your Distractions Pt. 2

Who told you marriage is the ultimate?

Our Almighty God never began the institution of marriage first, rather it was the last assignment/task on His list.

His first 3 purposes were to give shape to the universe, fill it up with His beauties,  and also to dispel darkness. He immediately began His creation to complete this task before He created an institution called marriage.

You have an assignment before you walk into this institution called God’s First Institution.

It baffles me sometimes when I interact with some young teenagers and even mature youths, 73% of their worries are fashion, money and marriage. I don’t totally blame them, rather I pity them. My blame goes to parenting, environment and society.

A liability is not a lady who is unable to go to school, learn a skill, or pay her bills, rather one who thinks marriage is the ultimate and walks into it without completing her tasks while single.

I was preparing for my Masters program when some group of women came visiting. One of them began to warn me so badly, in her words she said ‘now is the time I should get married because if I further I will scare men and it will be difficult for me to marry.’

In some parts of our world like Africa and some parts of Asia, marriage is a yardstick to validate a woman.

I remember joining the choir after high school. There was a rule in my father’s house, you can’t be idle in God’s house while under his roof. Choir was a free and jolly ministry for me so I quickly became one of them.

But after I gave my life to Christ, during one of my Bible studies in the book of Ist Samuel, my eyes opened. I began to pray to God to tell me the ministry He has called me into and also what He will have me do.

I got an answer from Him after almost 2 years. My two God-given assignments were unveiled.

Unfortunately today, people spend time praying for the will of God in marriage forgetting that the will of God is not limited to marriage only.

If you don’t know the will of God for your life how can you know His will in marriage?

Your purpose/task in life before marriage is solely to give Him your Creator pleasure.

The next question is how do I give my Creator pleasure?

  • Your shapeless life needs to have shape and it can only be shaped by coming to Jesus.

It is old fashioned being in this world without Jesus.

  • Your void/empty life needs to be filled with heavenly beautiful treasures. Treasures of peace, love, understanding, patience, humility, righteousness, purity, truth, favours, grace, mercy, blessings.

An empty man cannot give anything because he has nothing to offer.

  • You need to give light to your environment because you are the light of the world.

Your presence should be positively felt and your absence should be terribly missed.

Without fulfilling these three tasks, how do you think you can fulfill it in marriage?

Marriage will become frustrating and regrettable to you.

It’s never too late to start living.

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