I And My Father

I saw a family, a very unique family. They had a special gift, a gift that has turned out to be an expectation in this generation.
A man had 14 children and all of them together with their father, had the skill of making music. And they all were under the directorship of their father and ministered music to the Lord. Their uncles and their grandpas were all ministering together.
Did you get the point?
In runs in your blood, you are you parents’ completion in their ministries. If your parents are called by God to do anything, do you know that it also means that God has called you? Did you know that there is something of them that you have in you? It is spiritual genetics.
It might not be exactly the same work but different works manifesting the same gene of acceptance and obedience to the calling. For example;
Her father is a surveyor and she is a medical personnel, but both have that deep longing inside them to always help others. And so they have both found a way in their professions to always come through for others, and they both embraced it.
Oh wait! I hope you know we aren’t speaking just about your physical parents?
Have you found yourself in a place where the Word of God is sound and alive? You must have been innoculated with the genes of your fathers there and you have to embrace the calling of that body. This is because that calling runs in the blood-the blood of Christ.
And what if you don’t know what is you have been called to do, then eat the Word of God and you will find it. I am sure you will find it because it is there in the Word; in Christ. And if you seek Christ, you will find it running in the blood. You will because it runs in the blood- the blood of Christ.

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