He Excused Me

It feels good right?

 When you know that excusing your actions can save you a great deal of embarrassment or trouble, or even consequences. Can you remember

how relieving it feels for your excuse to save the day?

First what is an excuse?

It can be defined simply as an explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgement. Now that explains it coming to the rescue, that was what it was designed to do.

Without excuse, a lot of people would have faced harsh repercussion for something that otherwise could easily have been pardoned. They would have lost the chance to be understood forever. They would have been tagged something they really are not. But excuse made the difference.

You know another thing it does? It gives you continuity; it gives you the ability in some cases to continue in your action, however controversial or out of place it may seem. It makes it able for one to rise above the glares and scoffs directed at him/her, and continue in the process, whatever it may be. In other words, it could make you untouchable and most importantly, it makes you COMFORTABLE, comfortable enough to continue in your actions without the fear of being judged or reprimanded.

This is where the devil takes advantage of it. While it was originally fashioned as a kind sanctuary for the ignorant or penitent, it has become a sanctuary for thew unrepentant and impenitent. An excuse should not be used for the wrong reasons, or to protect wrong actions, but sadly that is no longer the case.The devil whispers excuse into a person and he/she sees reasons; not just to be remorseless, but to see the need to continue.

This is why:

A thief justifies his actions.

A man’s pride wont let him/her apologize for his/her wrongs.

A murderer says that the victims deserves to die.

A person in immorality doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

That little deceit is worth doing for us; that little lie, that little manipulative gesture.

We are heading to doom when we are no longer able to see the error of our ways and so feel comfortable doing what we know is wrong.

This is because it hardens our mind and would not let the voice of truth , from within or without,penetrate us. That kills every hope of pardon.

When we are excused by ourselves, we are left to face the music, but when we are excused by God, we are truly pardoned.

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