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Simon Peter was busy fishing and gathering mere fishes into the net, whereas he was ordained to gather men into God’s kingdom. 

Luke 5 Vs. 1-11

He was called and ordained for greater responsibilities but settled as an apostle of fishes until he realised he was at the wrong place. He forsook all and followed Christ, who would show him the way to fulfill the divine mandate.

Before the foundation of the world, God knew us and called us by name, and gave everyone a divine mandate.

Some women were mandated to birth world revivalists, while some were mandated to nurture gospel artists who would turn the world for Christ. Still, they end up birthing criminals, rebels, sons of Belial, and arrogant and disobedient humans. Why? Because they failed to know and pursue this mandate while there was day.

May I remind mothers that Mary was cautious of the child in her womb and observed Him until He manifested? 

She knew there was something extraordinary and divine about Him.

She treated and raised him as the son of God, not even as her son.

Are you waiting for the angel of God to appear to you as he did to Mary? That may not happen.

Men like John and Charles Wesley are still celebrated because they were among the pioneers of faith. The lives of these great men were glided and championed by a woman who recognised and knew God’s mandate upon her as a mother. A woman singled out by God and used as the instrument of training and building. This woman is none other than Susanna Wesley.

Is the point where you are now where you ought to be to fulfil heaven’s mandate?

Is that job the right one now? How sure are you that it won’t take you miles away from the plan Divinity has laid down?

What about your friendship, passion, and ambition? Are they helping you fulfill your divine mandate or craftily misguiding you?

Are you fulfilling heaven’s mandate at that spot?

If not, then you need to heed the instruction of the master and plunge into a place of purpose.

Don’t announce your gender as a sign of limitation/self-pity/weakness. You limit yourself and the fulfillment of God’s mandate upon your life when you think you are defined based on gender.

  • Jochebed – preserved the life of her goodly child Moses who God ordained to be a deliverer.
  • Esther – realised she was placed as a Queen to preserve the people of God.
  • Deborah – fulfilled her divine mandate as a Prophetess of God, Judge for the people of Israel, wife of Lapidoth, and mother of Israel. She used her uncommon leadership and decision-making skills to save and preserve her nation for the 20 years they had rested under her rulership. She never let her gender define her.
  • Naomi raised the bar through her motherly love and kindness toward Ruth. This made Ruth align and stick to the God of Naomi. This act brought her closer to purpose and great reward. 
  • Lydia and Phoebe recognised that their wealth and fame could be used for kingdom purposes.

Fulfilment of divine mandate is not gender specific but rather a realisation and availability.

Find your spot.

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