Engaged or Still Waiting?

How single are you? Single and waiting or single but engaged? In your journey of singleness, how can you find joy and stay joyful? Singleness can be a very long desert walk and an experiential walk.

You can never find joy and stay joyful if you neglect yourself.

Do you feel less important because of your status as a single, or have you been told or have the actions of people made you think that you are less of a human and woman? 

You feel less of a woman not because you are unmarried but because you choose not to be engaged. Singleness is a state of mind.

Your profession, exposure, or experiences can never make you feel worthy without the approval of your mind. 

Being married is not the first validation of a joyful life. Instead, living your purpose validates your existence.

Yes! Don’t be a waiting single. Instead, be an engaged single. You can engage yourself before someone engages you. Engage yourself with something profitable to you, impacting lives, self-development, expanding your spiritual capacity, praying for people, learning new things that can be beneficial, etc.

Engagement in the right things keeps you away from negativity and an entitlement mentality. It doesn’t only help create a platform to build and sacrifice for others, but it first adds values and virtues to you.

When you realise that your singleness is a blessing from God to build you, you will stop feeling less of a woman.

Are you still single? Congratulations! God isn’t done with building and adding virtues in you. Just get engaged in the right things, and you will experience the full blessings of marriage when it comes.

Never feel unworthy of yourself because you are yet unmarried.

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