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Befriending EL-SHADDAI

I have come to see that among the things we place importance on, befriending God is not there. But I think that this is a very wrong approach to life, and it is the reason why the likes of so many of us are taking a turn for the worse and are finding living very difficult.

In all your endeavour to make friends with people,  please see to it that you become a friend of God. He is the best friend you can ever have, and He has your back at all times filling your emptiness and insufficiency with His bountifulness. 

God does not take relationships lightly. The day you sincerely commit yourself to Him, He gets involved and watches your every move, directing your steps and stopping you from going the wrong way.

Be aware, you may not initially enjoy every route He takes you, but that should never be the reason why you break the relationship or withdraw from the commitments. If he leaves you, you really cannot handle the journey alone. 

How hard is it to become friends with God? Well, a very simple route to friendship with God is all about complete trust in Him, vulnerability to Him, submitting your faults to Him and allowing Him to work out His own perfection in you. God is not interested in man’s definition of perfection, but His. 

As you wake up every morning, ask God a very simple question, “What can I do to please you today”?. And be very sincere about it. Continue asking Him, soon, God will begin to make you know what you can do on a daily basis to please Him.

If you are enough for Him, you don’t need to bother about the rest. You will always be preserved on your path. 

A man who is God’s friend has a different approach to life, such that when others are saying there is a casting down he is saying there is a lifting up. 

A man who is God’s friend will never be lonely even if he is alone. So in all your endeavours please see to it that you become friends with your Maker.

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