Author name: Gracious Women

Gracious Women, TeenSpace

God Knows The Way.

God is bound to a certain level of abstinence by His words and principles and so must be given access to certain levels of control in order to take full control. This is to say we must consciously invite Him into our decision making and yield to Him completely trusting that whatever He decides is best for us. No second-guessing it.

Gracious Women, TeenSpace

Prophecies Or Coincidences?

Isaac was a seed of prophecy and had prophecies that went out before he was born. He lived out prophecies accordingly.
Jacob wasn’t an exception as well as John the Baptist. From the birth of John, everything he did was in accordance with the prophecies that went on before his birth.

Gracious Women, TeenSpace

Flock Or Family?

When we make choices out of our physical sight instead of our faith in God and in His revealed mind to/for us, for the benefit of our flock instead of family, for the benefit of our pride, instead of integrity, for the benefit of our flesh instead of our soul, we inadvertently bear the consequences of our choices, which usually turns out to be bitter experiences.

Gracious Women

The Place Of The Least.

The woman is supposedly the least of God’s creation; in the order of creation, she is God’s last born creation) but to her is given the ability to make, build and preserve generations.
It is in her to build her empire and set it on high.

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