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2nd February, 2022 | Prayer

Ask God for forgiveness once you discover you have have sinned against Him or done wrong to/against any man. He will pardon. Be attentive to The Holy Spirit for proper guidance to what you’ll need to do. Finally, constant examine yourself.

1st February, 2022 | Prayer

Dear Father,I thank You for being my foundation. Thank you for being my Author and guide. Thank You for the cross which you placed to help recover me when I get lost. I am sorry for allowing so many things to take your place in my life. Please help me to get rid of them […]

31st January, 2022 | Prayer

Oh Lord my God…Forgive my foolishness. I have been using the authority you gave me as a parent to destroy instead of to build. From today I decide to be intentional about my words towards my children.My words will build and not destroy. Thank You Lord Jesus.

26th January, 2022 | Prayer

Dear Father,I thank You for always being there for me even when my back is turned on you.Thank you for standing by me even when I am focusing in the wrong place. I am sorry I have not obeyed you till now. Please fix my eyes on You and help me never to look back.

20th January, 2022 | Prayer

Oh LORD, I’ve never gone this way before. This is my first time on this journey.I know the devil will never give up on my soul.I’m aware he is so vigilant working for my downfall. As much as God watches over me, I still have a responsibility to be vigilant.I ask for the wisdom and […]

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