Are You Sure You’re Growing? ( Faith)

When you hear the word ‘faith’, what comes to your mind? I know it’s the popular scripture that defines faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1.

We can memorize and rehearse the above scripture even in our sleep but the truth is that we haven’t unlocked the things that belong to us because we don’t have the key. What key? Faith is the key.

None in this generation ever saw Jesus Christ in the days of His flesh and none has ever seen God. But being a follower of Christ means that you believe in His existence, His death, blood and resurrection. You believed through faith.

While adding diligence to your life, endeavor to add faith because diligence without faith is like a train without an engine.

Faith is having assurance that the things you have hoped for are divinely granted already even though you haven’t seen it.

If faith was a person, her friends would be assurance, hope, success, confirmation and manifestation.
Faith has nothing to do with negativity.

If you’re so negative minded about someone, something or even yourself then you’re not growing. Faith is having assurance of something good towards yourself or another.

You’re still in that ugly state because you have given up on faith.

With faith you can move mountains.
With faith you can be God’s pleasure.
With faith you can become that which you want to be.
With faith you can achieve anything.
With faith that ugly circumstance can become a beautiful story.
With faith that barren womb can become a fruitful womb.
With faith your lack can be turned to abundance.
With faith, fears can’t be in you.

What is Faith?

F = For
A = Anything
I = Impossible
T = Trust
H = Him

As you add diligence, please add faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God.

A sign of growth after diligence is faith.

How much faith do you have in you?
Your level of faith determines your level of growth.

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