Are You Sure You’re Growing? (Diligence)

How will you feel as a parent if your child isn’t growing? Disappointed, hurt is the word you’ll feel. Every parent expects to see growth in their children. Growth physically, in reasoning and otherwise.
Growth is essential in the life of every living thing, especially human beings.

As a child, we were being fed but as growth begins to take place in us, we learn to hold our spoon and cup to feed ourselves. As we progress through life, we dress ourselves, wash ourselves and do the things we couldn’t do as a baby.

Our reasoning capacity begins to develop as well. We can reason and tell what is good or bad. We can contribute in a discussion. We can retain things in our memory. We can read, write and share knowledge. This is growth.

God expects us to grow in and with Him as well. Through inspiration He gave apostle Peter the 8 stages of growth we should acquire as a sign that we have His divine nature.

Growing in Christ Jesus doesn’t just happen like magic. It’s an action that requires diligence from the individual.
Diligence is simply an act of being careful and carefulness means giving good heed, being watchful and cautious.

If you want to be diligent then you must be deliberate and intentional about your lifestyle which includes your words, actions, thoughts, companies and habits.
So far, judge yourself! How much growth through diligence have you seen in you?

Just as parents expect growth in their children and make things available for their growth likewise God is much more interested in our growth as His children and has made things available for us.

If you aren’t growing that means you haven’t taken advantage of what is available for you through Christ and you have handled life with carelessness.

Take advantage of the blood of Jesus by repenting of your sins. He is faithful and merciful. His arms are wide open to receive you. Just wherever you are, ask him for mercy. His mercy never runs dry.
He longs for you back to his fold.

Oh! there is joy in heaven just as one returns to God.

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