A Generation On A Precipice – 3

You are disadvantaged because you failed picking the signal from above. Our generation indeed is on a Precipice. Everyone is busy but only a few are toiling for His presence.

A generation filled with confusion, oppression and depression, possession of evil spirit, complacency in sleep and sin, envy and jealousy, gossip and hatred, nudity… That’s the generation of the present. A generation on a precipice.

Where are the Esthers whom God can use to protect and propel His plan for His people. Where are the Esthers who can rise up with fasting and praying until power changes hands? Where are the Esthers who don’t care about their lives just to see salvation come to men?

Where are the Ruth’s who can cling to God and devout their lives to the one true God irrespective of their challenges? Where are the Ruths who can disassociate from men and their idols and cleave to the people of God?

Where are the Deborahs whose responsibility as a wife, mother and a career woman never separated them from their source(GOD) because they know they have the gift to multitask.

This generation is now on precipice. They now gossip rather than intercede.
They prey rather than praise.
They hate rather than love.
They nag rather than consider.
They are proud rather than being humble.
They complain rather than pray.
They go naked rather than go covered.
They chase money rather than chase God’s presence.
They are career driven rather than purpose driven.
They choose to be feminist rather than play femininity.
They crave for fame rather crave for God’s glory.
They are materialistic rather than Godlistic.

Through a woman(Eve), the connection between God and man was shattered and through a chaste woman(Mary), the Saviour was born to redeem man and reconcile him to God.

Revival is not gender selective. If God could use Esther, Jehosheba, Ruth, Deborah, Mary(the earthly mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Dorcas, Priscilla then, the availability is your choice to make.

You are a woman of purpose and influence that this generation needs.

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