A Channel Called Prayer

When I was a kid I found it very hard to ask from my parents even when I had needs. Not because we had no good relationship but because I allowed my nature get in the way. My mother would spell out my needs and got concerned if I ever would ask.

It became a concern to her. I watched my sister who was extroverted get all her needs even when my mom would refuse her certain things she’d press until she got them. Sometimes she played with my parents and got what she wanted. She looked so advantaged than I was but I knew it wasn’t so. I knew I was withdrawn and wouldn’t dare say. I was okay with whatever I got and would complain to myself.

This journey continued until my siblings and I grew up to be teenagers. I watched them made choices of the countries and universities they would want to study and my parents would go extra mile to grant them. In my time, I didn’t make a choice, I kept quiet when I was asked. My mom made a choice for me but they wanted my opinion so I don’t see it that they made choices for me but I kept telling them that anyone was okay.

My dad knew what was absolutely fine for me but wanted me to mention it to him.

This is a case of our relationship with God. He knows our desires and needs but he wants us to mention them to him, so he created a channel called prayer. This is because he always wants to have a conversation with us. He values the time we spend talking with him but unfortunately many has given up in the place of prayer. Some see prayer as delegated to a particular group of persons in the church, thereby losing their communion with the father.

Through prayer we lay ourselves bare before God and he clothes us with beauty,

Through prayer we communicate our needs to God,

Through prayer a generation is sustained,

Through prayer our spiritual relevance is built and maintained,

Through prayer we allay our fears knowing that someone is actually listening, though it be moans and groans,

Through prayer we are strengthened, equipped and fortified,

Through prayer we keep our altar burning,

Through prayer we grow in intimacy with God,

What then is a  relationship with God without prayer?

Through prayer we move mountains,

Through prayer we change situations and decrees,

Through prayer we draw down the presence of God.

Through prayer the systems of operations of the world is changed

What can we not do through prayer? Prayer activates the wonders of God!

Ever thought of conquering territories? Think of prayer!

In the place of prayer your confidence is built, faith is watered, hope springs and strength is renewed.

Martin Luther said “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing”.

Prayer incorporated in God’s word is our magical wand, lifting hands and bowing knees!

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