Flock Or Family?

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the things that matter to us unknowingly are the things that shouldn’t? How our priorities are placed very wrong but we have no single idea that they are misplaced? Sometimes we lie to ourselves regarding the reasons for certain choices we make and actually believe those lies.

Lot was asked to make a choice of where to relocate to. Not only did he try to outsmart his elder and guardian, he made a choice that favoured his sheep instead of his family. When he was choosing the plains of Sodom and Gomorrah, he may have believed he was doing it for the benefit of his family but in reality, he had his sheep in mind instead of the family.

He chose the lush vegetation and forgot about the abomination. His sheep fed but his family starved. If only Lot could see into the future. If only he understood that his blessing and family’s blessings were tied to his uncle, he would have made a choice under proper discernment knowing that no matter where he goes, the blessings of Abraham will follow him.
But for Lot, both the family and flock were both lost.

On the contrary, Abraham who listens to God, and knew what God has said about him, remained in the seemingly less fertile ground and birthed greatness that outlived him and still outlives him till today..

Many times, when we make choices, we forget the crucial part of our well-being. We make choices for our physical man without even the slightest consideration for our spiritual man:
The choice of habitation, the choice of a life partner, the choice of a place of worship, the choice of our source of income. For many, one or more of these decisions has led to their doom.

Many young lives are lost because our young ones go into fast money making methods like armed robberies, rituals and various Internet frauds.
Many ministries have been terribly cut short as a result of our choice of friends and life partners. Many children have lost their lives because they were put in schools where moral decadence was the order of the day.

When we make choices out of our physical sight instead of our faith in God and in His revealed mind to/for us, for the benefit of our flock instead of family, for the benefit of our pride, instead of integrity, for the benefit of our flesh instead of our soul, we inadvertently bear the consequences of our choices, which usually turns out to be bitter experiences.

But when we trust God in our choices and let him be the Author of our choices, He takes responsibility for what happens with and to us.

We must make up our minds to trust God wholly no matter how rough the road seems and He will lead us safely to safe Harbour.

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